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A Seattle couple who spent 10 years trying to conceive is now expecting four children at once, RTV6 reported.

Misty and Brian Baker had been drained financially and emotionally by in-vitro fertilization when their friends Brian and Amber Pluckebaum from Indiana stepped in to help.

Pluckebaum, who has two children of her own, agreed to be a gestational surrogate for the Bakers.  Dr. William Gentry, from Indianapolis, selected the two healthiest embryos created by the Bakers to implant in Pluckebaum and implanted four lesser quality embryos in Baker.

“Why not both of you try? I mean, who knows?” Gentry told RTV6. “I think [Misty’s] thought was, ‘Sure, why not? But it’s not going to work with me. It never works.'”

However, both women soon learned they were pregnant with twins.  Baker is carrying a boy and a girl, to be named Connor and Hope, while Pluckebaum is carrying two girls, to be named Madison and Victoria.

“There’s no question that these children were loved and desired and wanted and that they have been prayed for and believed for,” Baker told RTV6. “They’re our little miracle babies.”

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