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Is there an heir in the air? Besides quaffing pure water, the ever-stylish Duchess may also have hidden a slight baby bump beneath her floral shift.

An heir to the British throne may be on the way.

Speculation is growing that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a little one after the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly turned down wine at a state banquet in Singapore Tuesday.

The 30-year-old made not one — but two — toasts to the Queen with water, a strange choice for royals, who usually make toasts with a glass filled to the brim with wine, The Daily Beast reported.

Middleton reportedly deliberately snubbed a glass of white wine placed in front of her, while her husband got his fill with a glass of Bordeaux.

The possible mom-to-be also showed what may be a hint of a baby bump in a floral shift designed by the Singapore-born designer, Prabal Gurung, during a seven-course meal at the Singaporean president’s official residence.

It’s no secret that the royal family has set its sights on expanding. It’s mainly a question of when

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